The domain configurable learning management system

Providing students and instructors with guided access to vetted digital learning content in all areas of STEM


STEM-CyLE is a configurable learning and engagement cyberlearning environment that contains digital learning content in all areas of STEM. Currently the learning content is mainly on Software Engineering and Programming and is expected to expand in the coming years. Unlike other learning management systems, STEM-CyLE uses embedded learning and engagement strategies (ELESs) to get student more involved in the learning process.

These ELESs currently include: Collaborative Learning, Gamification, Problem-Based Learning and Social Interaction. The learning content in STEM-CyLE is in the form of Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) and Tutorials. DLOs are chunks of multimedia learning content that should take the learners between 5 to 15 minutes to complete and contains both a practice assessment and a recorded assessment.


Configurable Domains

STEM-CyLE provides the instructor with the ability to configure the learning content for a specific class in a given subject domain. This involves assigning DLOs and Tutorials from the learning content repository to the class either for browsing purposes or as class assignments.

Learning and Engagement

The learning and engagement component of the system are provided through a configurable set of ELESs. These ELESs currently include: Collaborative learning, e.g., use of virtual teams; Gamification, e.g., use of virtual points; Problem-based learning, e.g., solving problems using the virtual problem-based environments; and Social interaction, e.g., user profiles, forums, chats, ratings and comment of learning content.

Powerful Reports

Instructors and learners are provided with detailed reports regarding their progress. These reports include items such as, progress to completion of DLOS, scores for DLO quizzes, and class averages, among others.


STEM-CyLE extends the capabilities of SEP-CyLE (Software Engineering and Programming Cyberlearning Environment) which extended the capabilities of WReSTT-CyLE (Web-Based Repository of Software Testing Tutorials: A Cyberlearning Environment). STEM-CyLE will contain learning content for various STEM disciplines.

SEP-CyLE is currently being funded by a collaborative NSF IUSE Engaged Student Learning - Design and Development Level II project. This project is a collaborative effort between the following institutions: Florida International University (DUE-1525112), Alabama AM University (DUE-1525120), Florida A&M University (DUE-1525555), Florida Gulf Coast University (DUE-1562773), Georgia Southern University (DUE-1525208), Miami University (DUE-1525131), North Dakota State University (DUE-1525414), and Virginia Commonwealth University (DUE-1525125). Dates: 09/01/15 – 08/31/19.