About WReSTT

WReSTT-CyLE – Web-based Repository of Software Testing Tutorials: A Cyber-learning Environment, seeks to provide students and instructors with guided access to vetted Learning Objects (LOs) in the area of software testing. WReSTT-CyLE extends the capabilities of the previous WReSTT portal by providing: (1) LOs on testing techniques for black-box, white-box, GUI testing, among others, and software testing tools; (2) a learning environment where students can work together in virtual teams to collaborate; and (3) a course management environment for instructors to monitor students' performance.

WReSTT-CyLE is a TUES II project; a collaborative effort between Florida International University, Alabama A&M University, Miami University - Ohio, and North Dakota State University. The industry partners include: Ultimate Software, IBM, and Microsoft. The first version of WReSTT, a CCLI Phase I project, was a collaborative effort between Florida International University and Florida A&M University.

This material contained in these web pages is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers (DUE-1225742, DUE-1225654, DUE-1224411, DUE-1225972, DUE-0736833, DUE-0736771).

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